domenica 16 novembre 2014

No more 90s, for now

Don't you hate it when you think you are perfectly in style and then fashion changes? You see a new trend, try it on you without being influenced by Tumblr, fall for it and then BOOM the 70s are back in style.
Wasn't the 90s coming back in style just a few months ago? Well forget it, because now it's gone. I'd like to point out that it didn't even go this fast in the 90s... those lasted at least 10 years!

So if eveything comes back in style eventually it makes you scared to throw anything out. You go through your closet thinking 'hmm one of these days these velvet fuseaux will be in style' so you keep them and call them leggings. And you keep the polkadot bright pink jumpsuit too, and the matching furry headband, just in case. 

So you end up either ready for whatever style comes into fashion or you will be a crazy hoarder... "It depends on how many cats you have" as Ellen said.

And then there's Carrie Bradshaw.

lunedì 10 novembre 2014

All about that Chai

Talking about autumn: pumpkins are so last year; 2014 is all about that Chai. 

For my Italian friends: latte is not what you think it is. If you ask for "latte" you will get a sort of cappuccino, not plain milk! And "chai latte" is a mixture of coffee and chai tea, which is black tea with Indian spices, much warm, so wintery, such hipster

There are many ways to make it and, as usual, I'm going to tell you the fastest and easiest way after ordering one at Costa Coffee or Starbucks I suppose.

Thank you Houseologie for setting unreachable picture standards

Step 1: Heat a cup of milk in the microwave *because, if you didn't notice, I'm following a microwave recipes tag here*

Step 2: Get your paws on instant Chai Latte powder

Step 3: Pour the powder into the milk and stir well. Done.

Step 4 (optional): Take pictures Pinterest-worthy (we all know it's a step above Instagram-worthy) or, if you are in need of super-fast & easy tips as I am at the moment, find a picture on the interwebz.

Of course, if you have more time and resources, you can also try the real way:

Hot Pink Apron, I choose you!

lunedì 3 novembre 2014

Be the happiest star #7 Unplug!

"At this time, we request that all mobile phones, radios and laptps be turned off during takeoff, as these items might interfere with the equipment on this aircraft."

As you guessed, the aircraft would be you, metaphorically speaking of course. If electronic devices can interfere with a plane, which is projected to carry people midair from A to B, could you imagine what they'd do on a daily basis to humans, projected only to eat, breathe, and procreate? Turning off all the extra things that connect/tie us to others should be done not only under airport security rules but simply for our own mind peace. 

Even lazily scrolling your Facebook wall sends thousands of information and imput to your brain, which means it's not a lazy action at all! Why do you think taking a hot bath surrounded by candles is, followed by sleeping, the most relaxing situation? Probably because everything is unplugged and it is the only way to calm your mind, letting you focus on your breathing and heartbeat. 

As much as we all love social media and hate it at the same time, and complain about it on Facebook while following more people on Twitter, we should cut some time during our busy schedule to escape from it. 
That's one of the reasons why I personally like going to the gym: it's my body, my music and my weights. Nothing more and nothing less. The world will keep spinning while I do the same and I can easily catch up 2 hours later, usually finding out nobody messaged me while I was gone and, surprisingly, realising I didn't miss reading how cute my primary school acquaintance new puppy is. 

In case you really REALLY cannot stay without a virtual connection to society at your fingertips you should already know where the emergency exits are, and how and when to inflate your life jacket. Right?

mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014

7 diet facts you didn't know!

Let's talk about the infamous D word. No, not that D! I mean diet! We are safely far from holidays: too late for bikini season, too soon for new year's regrets. And it is precisely in times like this that we let it go and indulge in one too many Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

I am about to expose the absolute truth about diets. Seven tips you will never find elsewhere, so write them down on sticky notes and put them on your fridge.

  • If you are on holiday calories don't count
I'm sure you all will agree that when you are on holiday, especially if you are abroad, in a different time zone, or even better! on an island, the fat counter won't work because it's hometown based (FYI 'home' is where all your makeup brushes are). It works like the country number for your phone, when the number changes calories cannot reach you.

  • Alcohol is mostly water so it doesn't count
This is just science. 

  • Stealing someone else's food doesn't add calories
If, for example, the fries aren't yours, then the calories don't count as yours either. This is a fine piece of advice, make good use of it.

  • If you eat greens with it, then it's healthy
What better example than a nice juicy Caesar salad? Greasy croutons, extra cheese, more sauce than a hamburger... but there's salad in it! See? Diet food. In this case it is perfectly suitable to order a 'diet coke' without looking like you are trying too hard.

  • You are excused if you cooked it
You cannot refuse a slice of that triple chocolate cake with caramel frosting you just baked for your bf'f's birthday. And not only because you should try it to see if turned out good but, let's be honest, would you trust a chef that doesn't eat his own dishes?

  • Thinking burns sugar
As a chocolate non-lover I might find myself consuming my "5 a day" as a single meal. My favourite was the Tropicana 'apple and mango' juice from Tesco, which means 107gr of sugar in one go. But, hey, I was a student in England: I needed sugar to think about Plato.

  • Your body doesn't kow if you are eating more than one at once
This is something all of us have done before, maybe with crisps, or 'chips' if you are American: eating two at the same time basically makes it one for your body! 

venerdì 24 ottobre 2014

She never looked nice. She looked like art

After all the "Okay? Okay." and the #spoileralert "Omg he dies?!" as if Game of Thrones didn't teach us anything I want to be unconventional and talk about this other young-adult novel that came out quit recently: Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell.

When I first read this quote somewhere on Tumblr I had to write it on my mint chalkboard for inspirational thoughts. It talks about beauty and art and teenage psychological drama, and oh-boy don't those belong to my life. So I read the book and I loved it! 
It reminded me of my background... not to mention the being on the plus size and listening to strange music, and wearing even stranger clothes, and a couple of other things that if you know me you would easily point out ;)

I knooow it's supposed to be another romantic teen novel, but the boring kind of, without vampires, pedo werewolves, nor protagonists deaths... But hey, 
if you enjoyed/tolerated "The fault in our stars" (the book ofc) I suggest you all to give this one a try. 

domenica 19 ottobre 2014

What I've learned from Italy: Guest Post!

Spaghetti. It's that wriggly, delicious pasta that's synonymous with the comforting culture of Italy; It also seems to be the key design element in Italy’s traffic systems.

I am Daniel, your guest blogger! And I’ve just returned from an awesome European adventure. I learned many new things in my trip to Italy and here I'll be dropping a few of my lessons as experienced throughout my own journey in the North of the boot.

  • Sometimes, Italians eat ice-cream as a meal. Sometimes, they eat it after their actual meal. Doesn’t matter, had ice-cream.

  • Roundabouts are like octopi. They don’t have standard exits. Exiting is like playing roulette with your car. Although, not large they’re still very confusing to people from distant lands.
  • Speed limits (and also indicators) are just suggestions. In Italy, what they call normal at 170km/h is what Australians call 6 demerit points, suspension of license and full car impoundment.
  • Different police sectors care only about their own sector. Eg: Italian finance police on the street: “Oh what’s that? A Giulietta going 100km over the speed limit? None of our business as long as they pay their taxes."
  • Running anything but a Vespa would be expensive. The last petrol station I saw was around 1.77 Euro/L.
  • Castles, churches and ruins are everywhere. Modern Italians are all literally neighbouring historical sites... And tourists *cough cough*!

  • There is a different accent or dialect every 5 metres. Not really. But pretty close to that.
"Are they your people? From the North?”
“No! They’re from Bologna. Listen to that accent!”
“Isn’t that sorta North?”
“They'd like to think so but they're not even close to Winterfell”
  • All your pizza or bruschetta are belong to you. Italians don’t share pizza. You slice it into pieces to make it easier for you to eat, not to share. Go away.

  • You don’t leave Italy the same weight you arrived with. I’m not talking about your suitcase either. The food is too good. If you have family or friends there who cook, you’re not going anywhere without two full stomachs and indigestion.
Pro tip: Don’t tell them how hungry you are out of 10. It’s a trap! They’ll feed you your own weight in food, multiplied by the number you answered. And then take you to ice-cream.