Gluten is the new evil

Do you remember when it was socially accepted to claim "she wants to become a top model" when someone would go on a diet and/or turn down a dessert during the '90s? Well, I deeply regret saying it's not like that anymore. Food intolerances and new lifestyle diets are the new black, while dieting to change your silhouette is considered anti-feminist, fat-shaming, and overall not empowering.

It's easier to go to Sweden

Sometimes I miss my friends back at home and I can't help but replying "I'll come with you!" when they ask who would be willing to go shopping with them. Today the offer was to go to H&M in another city since there's none in my hometown, again: mountain problems. Such task has to be done in a group because the designated driver, aka the boyfriend, wouldn't be much helpful in a shopping situation and my friend needed support and advice. I'm always down for that, I enjoy choosing things even when they are not for me or when I'm not actually buying anything. Raise your hand if you, like me, spend hours browsing a shopping website, see the total in your cart, and close the page. Good game. Well played.

Don't be a hater

When it comes to friendships I can say I'm one of the lucky ones who still calls high-school friends her 'closest friends'. Of course we all had our highs and lows, our fights and years abroad, love dramas and secrets. But we do share the same sense of humour, or at least that's what I think, considering we have completely different hobbies, goals, and taste in music. We can easily predict someone's reply or actions to any determined input and it's no big deal anymore. Can you picture your closest friends by reading these lines? Good! Because here comes the challenging part: making new friends.

Paper clips

When outside is raining, one of the places you're most likely to find me is hidden under a massive duvet with my laptop and several tabs open to catch up with my favourite blogs. 

These days, the only way to make blogs more controversial would be to integrate barely dressed hashtags in our regular weekly or daily, if you can! posts. But it isn't the body empowerment or the popularity wars that made me think: it's the passing of time!

The first day

About fifteen years ago, I was standing in a classroom full of kids I didn't know, clutching my schoolbag, a little bit shakey. On second thought, all of us were glancing around nervously. All I knew about school came from american TV series, I was expecting the popular kids and the chess club, lunchboxes and lockers. Boy, was I wrong. 

Melbourne secret palette

One of the most fascinating things about Melbourne has to be the large amount of what I'd like to call: secret restaurants. When we are out and about in the city it's cool to pop into one of the many ethnic restaurants on the main streets, but it's even better to wonder off the empty alleys just around the corner and discover new places! This seems to be something quite common in big cities, which makes sense considering the endless possibilities of warehouses and garages that could be turned into bars, and sometimes they are pop-up places destined to stay open less than a year. Needless to say that not even Melburnians know Melbourne

Time and effort

A couple of my friends from France came to visit me in Melbourne, and for the first time since I moved here I felt a little bit at home as I told them something about the city, showed them around, and wrote down a list of things to do, see, and especially eat while they're here. I've known them for quite some time now but it was the first time for my boyfriend to meet them, I was hoping for him to like them at least half as much as I do. Because God knows sometimes silence can be awkward! 

The necklace paradox

The other morning I was going to the city with my boyfriend, although I'd like to say I went there for a massive shopping trip, I was actually there for a job interview. He has a passion for cars and when we are sitting together on a bus, or when he's driving, he wouldn't miss pointing out the newest or most expensive car around us. 
So I was sitting by the window looking at that car, which apparently is full electronic, real carbon fiber cup holders, airbags bigger than Nicki Minaj's rear and it makes you coffee in the morning. No it doesn't. I was staring at it and I stopped listening because in that moment, stuck in traffic, under a grey sky and drizzled by rain, the car didn't look half as fancy as it did in the showroom. How does something go from looking super luxurious and sparkly to dull? 
I found myself contemplating the whole situation and finding it unexpectedly quite familiar. It is only now that I have discovered the answer: necklaces!