martedì 22 luglio 2014

This is (not) another BB Cream review

Summer should be here, right? It's almost August, that's summer, right? Wrong! But I didn't know it would have rained so much when I ordered these BB creams back in May.

"You have to use sun protection" they said... "It's gonna be hot and sunny" they said... 

I bought these four samples of Skin79 BB creams from an Eu based website, so the whole set didn't cost much at all shipping included (I paid less than 15€)! I chose the samples version because even after all the reviews, comparisons, battles, and top 5 I've read, I still couldn't pick a BB cream that could have worked for me and my skin tone/type. #fwp

So here I am, adding one more review to your lives, and confusing you even more! No, I'm just kidding. Maybe... *cough cough*

Items used: BB creams, my arm, camera.
Procedure: Applied a BB cream, blended the BB cream. Applied the next BB cream underneath. 
Difficulty level: Easy.

During the swatching process the creams had time to eventually oxidise and show their real nature. Overall there is not much difference between the colours of the first two "Super BB". So that's one less thing to worry about. Those two also look darker than my skin tone, while the other 2 are either literally disappearing on my skin (good game "Diamond Prestige"!) or acting more like an highligher than a BB cream (I'm talking to you "Pearl").

I'll leave you with another angle. Have you tried any of these? What do you think?

giovedì 17 luglio 2014

Be the happiest star #5 Game on!

I'm here for another happiness hack! This time it might sound as a cliché but, trust me, it is not. For example, when is the last time you played a game? Not a drinking game! Not snake/angry birds. And not even the Wii fit games. I'm talking board games, proper old school ones that bring people together in a friendly competition while drinking soda.
If you are still trying to remember: it has been too long! 
Game on!

Some of my friends are really into board games, one night we got together to play Tiers-Mondopoly. It's like Monopoly but you are a farmer in Peru and have to manage your money between accidents, bad climate, buying animals, and guessing the right harvest. I lost. 

Another night we spent about 4 hours playing Talisman. It's a fantasy-themed board where all the players are assigned a character card and according to its abilities they can procede through the levels and monsters of this game in order to get to the last round with a decent amount of money or skills to win because you are the last man standing in the room, at that point!

Last but surely not least, one of my all-time favourites: Dungeons & Dragons. Everything you might have heard about this role-play game and its players is likely true. I admit it. But you cannot judge if you have never played it. This game really does get friends together, some of my friends have been playing in the same campaign for nearly 10 years now! Kudos to them! 
The fact that you are impersonating a role is not only challenging but will make you feel more confident doing things you would not do in your daily life. Well, other than killing evil creatures, obvee. Good laugh guaranteed! 

Awww, just take a look at my ice-looking dice. These babies will be your best friends (or worst nightmare) while playing D&D! Ready to roll?

domenica 13 luglio 2014

About statues

Allright, I promise you this will be the last Paris themed post... I couldn't possibly leave out the statues from my trip review!! I mean, just look at these beauties, starting with the golden ones, for some sort of continuation from the previous Paris post.

And statues on the buildings

Don't forget the statues inside the Louvre...

 I bet you know this one ;)

Thank you random girl for reading into everyone's mind!

And NOT my favourite statue. The usual luck. 

 But here, you can look at the Venus de Milo instead. From afar.

Maleficent's crow (or is it a raven? perhaps a writing desk?) sitting on a statue. I found this picture-worthy. Don't judge me!

Also the statues are lazy at Versailles

Bonus picture! 
Italian girl me, eating an 'italian style' ice-cream in front of a statue. You didn't see that coming ;)

Well done, you made it through my 30mil pictures of Paris. I really loved that city, in case you didn't notice. My camera literally died in my hands on the last day!
PS: did I mention I'll visit Berlin this month? and London in August? Do you know what that means? *mwahahahahaha* evil laugh

martedì 8 luglio 2014

Outside the closet

Do you guys know that feeling, when you know you have to do something, to take a step forward and change a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable... Well I finally did it! It has been a long process but now the most is done: I renewed my closet doors! 

Let me introduce you to the piece of furniture that not only saw me going through my phases, but that has been scarred involved in them.

Phases, as in: gothic - visual K - lolita. All nicely summed up in this picture

Underneath all the pictures there used to be colorful flowers and clouds and a sun. Because I also have been a child. It was just another phase.
*Beware the nakedness of my scarred wardrobe*

Right next to it, above the desk, used to be my "myspace" wall, that we would now call "selfie" wall... Do I need to say why? 

After various months of psychological preparation and a couple of hours of sponge jjob with a friend but without an actual idea of what I wanted to do, here's the final result! 

The mint colour matches my make-up station perfectly and the lilac is there because of reasons. 

PS: It's not a tentacle but it can be if you like.

giovedì 3 luglio 2014

I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.

Slowpoke me found out only now about 'Savage Beauty', the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The designer said a few words about his work and inspiration that I completely agree with as they respect my view about being a girl, life, and society in general.

Then, online I read this quote from another famous designer which I'm not going to mention but I'll let you guess by using three letters: YSL “The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves.” And this very thought deeply irritates my inner cynical side.
Women are not sitting there all day waiting for a prince charming to come and hug them. Just saying. 
I would rather cover myself in metal, shadow and fire.

domenica 29 giugno 2014

About the colour gold

Here I am with the second part of my Paris themed posts. As you may have guessed from the title, this time it's all about gold! And teal actually. And my matching nails.

Well technically this is golden too...

That awesome moment when you go to Ladurée and look at the ceiling 

...and what is on the table looks just as nice!

This bus stop read my mind!

Château de Versailles

The huge golden key of the golden gate

Oh nothing much, just one of the golden doors.

 After this fireplace even the World's most expensive homes look kinda cheap.

Did I mention the fancy velvet walls?? 

I can't even

Screw LED technology, I want a chandelier!

Those paintings are bigger than the screen at the movie theatre in my town.

 Look, my preciousss is golden too!

And the moral is: I would have definitely said to give them cake too. Peasants.