The fault in our shapes

Girls have boyfriends to tell us white lies like how that dress looks perfect on us even wearing the wrong undergarment to boost out our confidence (and exit the shop asap).
But we rely on our friends to be honest and tell us if that dress we are about to buy really does make us look like a sippy cup, or an overcooked broccoli, before we spend $$$ on it.

The 'fault' is not in our body shape but in clothes, some of which are meant to fit a certain body type more than another. And who is the worst critic of girls? Unfortunately it would be other girls. So, instead of thinking that your friend looks like a pizza, why don't you go shopping with her and play around with other styles?

Always be honest and kind with your girls to help prevent them from walking around looking like a hot mess. Hopefully they will return the favour.

Blend blend blend

It's no secret I have my favourite beauty gurus that I religiously follow on youtube and I often find myself thinking about their words while putting make-up on, having a sort of 'get ready with us' moment in front of the mirror. 
So when I apply the darker shade in the crease I can almost hear them say "That's a nice colour you picked! Don't forget to blend-blend-blend".

And then there's who can blend even on paper

The "that's a nice colour" is pure conversation. I am pretty sure they never said something like that in any video or blog post, I made it up. But everything else comes more of less from them, well, those actually seem to be their favourite words: blend blend blend. In a way I suspect I watched too many of their videos, I wish I hadn't so I could just forget about the blending part.

Blending is my least favourite skill when it comes to  eyeshadow. I am still learning and I can't bring myself to blend for more than a few seconds. Couldn't they have said something like "Now blend just a little bit"? 
I knoooow that skipping the blending part all together wouldn't be fair to them nor pretty to look at but, hey, that's what happens to me. Am I the only one?

Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurts

Can we all agree that "never hurts" does not mean "but if you put makeup on you will look prettier"?
I know so many girls that look beautiful with and without any miracle colossal ultra black mascara. And just as many that don't show any confidence in either way.
Believe in your inner beauty and in your own beauty!
It's not easy, I'm pretty sure we are all learning.

High hopes

I realised that most of the outfits I really like, or any perfect female figure I can picture in my head for all that matters, include high heels. But I am also very aware of the absolute comfort of my beloved creepers, or Converse All Star.

I'm lucky enough to always go for a more 'rocker' look so I can pair boots easily with my dresses, but for a wedding? With a midi skirt? Sorry but no. I don't care if shiny boots are all the rave at the moment, I am trying not to look like Smurfette here *death stare at the shop assistant*

So I started my search for heels to wear at my friend's wedding.

Being someone who does not wear heels I had some serious problems even standing up in the shop and walking to the mirror. Not to mention the snow issue, because, you know, it's winter here.
Of course all the shoes I liked had a 5 inch heel minimum and of course there was no way I could wear them for a whole day... yet!

I ended up buying a pair of shoes with 3 or 4 inch heel that didn't look too granny-style and I managed to keep them on for about 10 hours. I felt so proud about that!
Didn't feel much proud anymore when my feet stopped hurting... three days later.

Three days! This is so not cool. I'm looking at you feet, we need to talk. I am young enough to wear heels with my outfits and I can't reach the point where I am not able to wear them even when I need to.
So here's the deal: once a week I'm going to wear heels for a couple of hours, be it for a dinner, shopping afternoon, even just staying at home, to slowly get used to it. 

Maybe I'll be able to wear my studded beauties one day... *daydreaming*

People will stare, make it worth their while

Even though this quote has been said by a famous American jeweler, it can be read in a number of other ways. 
According to the interpretation of Mr. HW, you should bling up and make people stare at you for a good reason: jewels.
According to my reading, it means that the reason people stare it's simply you. So be yourself and self-confident in whatever you do, whatever you choose to wear and even however you walk and stand. You don't need a crown to be fabulous.

Instagram is for macarons

I don't hate Instagram but I feel like it became a way to find out who has the prettiest legs (that totally look like bratwurst from that angle), who eats the healthiest breakfasts with the most breathtaking view, and so on. Do you see the catch? We want to see those lives that look perfect as if our life wasn't worth any attention.

Basically Instagram has the same function of a reality editor, everything you take a picture of becomes beautiful, making your life seem so much better than what it actually is. Let's be honest, who has devoted her life to social networks probably hasn't had a hot coffee in a looong time because she would be too busy taking pictures of it and hashtagging the world.

Found on Pinterest and regretting it (don't look up 'Instagram'!)

I'm sure your whole day does not consist of you sitting at a white table with a couple of macarons, Gucci bag and sunglasses on display... Unless that's actually it so let me ask you: what do you talk about on your blog? when you meet real people? 

We all have those days where we do absolutely nothing, not even put on a clean t-shirt, but we can take a picture of our cigarette and the magic would happen. As far as your followers know, there's a storm of deep thoughts inside our heads that hide behind that matte lipstick and stream of smoke. 

Our life on Instagram can look the coolest, but there is no filter that can help us fixing a reality that sucks.

PS: of course I'm not saying that macarons suck <3