Prince Florian is the best Prince, here's why

Talking about fairy tales, I strongly believe Prince Florian *fyi he's Snow White's prince* to be the best Disney Prince ever. Let me explain the reasons behind this unpopular choice:

First of all, he is literally the first of all princes. 

He appears in the most perfect moment of the song. He is there to fulfill Snow White's wish for the one she loves to be there on that very day. In fact he is there to sing "today" and sounds like he means it.

The boy can climb a wall smiling and being fabulous. I double dare you to do the same and not interrupt your princess' song panting and stumbling down.

He also greets Snow White with a fairly British "hello" and accepts a kiss delivered by a dove *I have mixed feelings about this*. Not at all like that Phillip prince who ruins the dressup masterplan of birds and squirrels for a dance.

That lipstick. Them lashes
*Hello MAC? Yeah about the next limited edition collection...*

In the end he arrives to kiss Snow White and brings her back to life. I know, he doesn't have to  kill a dragon to do so but he never stopped looking for 'the maiden who sleeps in the glass coffin while the seasons are changing'. And he didn't have a shoe to help him find her.

He is basically motivated by true love all this time. Of course I'm talking about that fairy tale "Love" that begins with a song and ends with a kiss while riding to a castle in the clouds.

On a serious note, did the mirror just change the "top fairiest of them all" after Snow White was seen and loved for how she was? The prince saw her beauty when even Snow White herself didn't see it. She felt happy and maybe that was the feeling that triggered the sudden change, considering she didn't physically change around that well nor wished for it.

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Shorts, sizes and society

It is finally starting to feel like springtime and my go-to outfits during this season go from "Look at me! I'm a pastel fairy" to "I do have a social life! On Tumblr mostly". 

The other day I felt like wearing something less cutesy and I opted for my beloved Brandy Melville high-waist short shorts with tights and boots. Nothing unusual but just by looking in the mirror I could tell something was different.At that point my stream of thoughts went a bit like this:
  • did they shrink because of a wrong washing machine cycle?
  • what did I eat yesterday... have I got taller overnight?
  • no seriously, have they always looked like this on me?
In case you were not aware of how women sizing works let me refresh your memory: you are a size 8, but size 6 fits your lower half better, on odd days, with a full moon. Whereas size 10 is perfect when it comes to jeans, of a certain brand, when worn before 5pm only from March to August.

So it's useless to discuss the apparent size change of my shorts, because good luck with that. Call the X Files already.

Maybe when you are aiming to be a serious person, in the real world, trying to find your path and not your school locket, you should also look different.

* "you" meaning me, with no chance to hide behind a pile of books *
Maybe short shorts, converse, and a band t-shirt isn't the right look for me anymore? Too casual? Too similar to Californian crop-top outfits on instagram? Kylie Jenner, you know what I'm talking about.
I never thought people should dress according to their age, nor I even consider myself in the career lane which requires professional looking outfits. I'm not even in the car yet! But is this something I should start worrying about, or considering?

Am I surrending to society? Did I watch one too many episode of Snog Marry Avoid?

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Wearing a dress

Just a quick reminder that Tumblr understands my life in a very deep and sincere way. 
*shout out to all Tumblr users*

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Two steps to success

I'm not a student anymore but this didn't stop me from binge watching all seven seasons of 'Parks and Recreation' in the past three weeks or so. 

Watching the first seasons I could easily relate to April: sarcastic, cynical... the perfect  example of Chaotic Neutral, if you speak D&D! If you don't I might dedicate a post to the best way to classify people later on, just let me know!

And then Chris Traeger arrived, and he is literally the character we all needed to understand that success is not something that simply arrives but that has to be built step by step. 

The first rule to success is to behave as if everything was awesome

By 'behave' I don't mean 'brag' but stand like you do when you know you got it. Breathe like you do when you feel powerful. Talk to yourself like you do when you feel secure. Have the same face expression of that time you showed the world what you're capable of. After all it's easier to change actions rather than attitudes! That's why people say "fake it 'till you make it".

The second rule to success is to live in the present

What people always classified you as might stop you from taking chances on something you would really like. Being 'shy' or 'too slow at running' or 'not good at math' are only words that others said about the result of some of your actions in the past. You are not the sum of those episodes, and surely those will not magically define your future. Only the present can change the future, so if you feel like running a marathon you simply need to put on your running shoes today and start training.

Do you agree with these two steps? Do you have other rules to success?

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Superfans United

I'll come clear with you, I'm Italian but I have absolutely no interest in soccer or whatsoever. I don't even drink coffee, just to give you an idea of what an odd spokeperson I am for this nation. Don't worry I'm not talking about soccer/football here, in fact, I'd rather talk about the exact opposite, or is it?

I came across an article on BBC's website in which our second most beloved slytherin claimed that even his own friends, very much into wearing their team's jersey and shouting in front of a match on tv, tend to look down on other kind of so called 'superfan': the cosplay/comicon ones.
For the record, I'm of course talking about Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy.

The question is: why is being a Star Wars, My Little Pony or, why not, a Harry Potter fan, seen as something obscure, almost related to a perversion rather than a genuine passion?

Maybe I don't understand the kind of bonding that goes on between soccer fans, but I know something about the friendship that can start between people with a common interest for fashion. It's a passion we're talking about and it gives people something to talk about, to look forward to, and to share with others.
What's not to like about surrounding yourself with like-minded people and have a great time, be it at a sport match, at a lolita meeting, or comic convention. 
Or both!!

We met that Star Wars cosplay group randomly in Bologna and it was so fun! Please note that we're not looking in the same direction because of the crowd taking pics in front of us. Seeing such group doesn't happen everyday, does it? haha

PS: Am I the only one who gets super embarrassed when clone troopers are around? Not knowing what face is underneath the helmet drives me crazy and I don't know where to look, if they can even hear me properly...

PPS: Am I the only one who begun a post about soccer fans and ended up talking about clone troopers??

Evil but well dressed

Yesterday I went to the cinema to watch Cinderella, not my favourite Disney cartoon, but I can never say no to fairytale looking ball gown, even when it's on screen. 

One thing I personally wasn't expecting was the wicked stepmother's role given to Cate Blanchett *raise your hand if you don't watch trailers either* , whereas the fairy godmother would be Helena Bonham Carter. This just didn't sound right in my head: Galadriel vs Bellatrix, pure white elf vs black evil witch... Two great acressses nonetheless, and it turned out to be a pretty accurate choice! 

Once again Disney proved that it's worth it to focus on the villains, they're more fun to play with and to dress up! No pointy cheekbones in this case, but a whole lot of 40s inspired outfits. Both Cate's hair and makeup are very representative of the era: curled and pinned-up updo, red lipstick and cat-eye lashes. Definitely more interesting than a little bit of dirt on Cinderella's face. 

Another thing that I liked about Lady Tremaine's character was the palette of colours used. It's no secret I'm not a fan of blue. Sorry Ella. And the cool greens and muted gold used for her outfits, paired with sharp shoulders and spot-on accessories did the trick for me. Sandy Powell, the costume designer, said she didn't intellectualize the symbolic nature of colours, instead she used them because they felt right.

Intuition and instinct to pick colours? I'm totally in!!

We have to admit that green as envy could be a good reading of it in this case, right? The interesting thing is that it's not a youthful spring green, nor a pastel green, this is a strong and mean green that would probably make me look like a zombie if I tried to wear it. But look at Cate, she's literally rocking it.

Not to mention the hats! A whole new level compared to Royal Wedding hats...

Review on the movie itself? Precisely as the original cartoon, but with a few slight changes. So if you liked that one and want to watch it "from a less young perspective" enjoying aspects of the story that are not singing mice and despicable cats, then it's the movie for you.

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