Everyday issues of an expat

Being an expat is not all about the good times and new adventures. What you would never think or worry about is the everyday life, which would take up most of your time in a foreign country.

On the bus. Ep 2

You might remember the girl who, on the bus, was wearing my same shoes, and how I handled the situation with my famous positive attitude *cough cough*. As you have noticed, that was just the first example of things that happen on Melbourne's public transport. Today I want to tell you about that time I lost such attitude and declared war to the man sitting next to me on the bus. 

How to read a blog

'How to read a blog'? What nonsense! I know all of you can read blogs, and write some pretty good ones as well! I feel that this little "How to" is necessary especially to organise my own ideas when it comes to the two major blog types I came across recently.

Not really resolutions

While I'm still in this New Year Resolutions mood, also known as 'Don't let your dreams be dreams just-do-it' mood, I will hereby state that this year I will be diligent and check every point of my list as follows.

Life is about zooming-out

I have recently attended social situations (i.e. Christmas with the boyfriend's family) where I found myself almost apologising for being European. Our strange tradition of kissing cheeks while greeting someone is apparantly very exotic everywhere else in the World. Exotic and awkward at times. 

4 Gifts for yourself

During this weeks of ultimate Christmas gift guides *2016 edition* I am here to share with you yet another guide but these gifts are the kind you ought to give yourself. Once you have acquired one or more of these consider yourself ready to face almost any social situation.

The picture dilemma

There will be a day when you will be asked to provide a picture of yourself. Not a sad, grey looking, almost mug-shot like passport photo. This picture will be shown. To people. In public. Please, please, I'll say it again, Please. Don't let it be a selfie.