Warning: Explicit Containers

Hello everyone! I can now happily announce that I found  enough strange things around to write a first post about them and share them with you. The theme this time is "containers" but of course I went a little bit off-topic.

When I saw the jar full of pills I didn't really get that they had messages written in a rolled up piece of paper inside. I think you can also write your own positive and inspiring messages for when you need a 'Happy pill'. Also the 'Short story' idea is so cool and easy to make with materials you have at home. That's my inner Pinterest coming out.

Another thing that seems pretty common are dino-style plant pots. Pink and golden, or white, or mint. It almost makes me want to have living plants at home... Almost!

And everything antlers or horns: from cardboard stag heads to furry rabbits with antlers.

If the sight of decapitated animals scares you, wait till you find yourself surrounded by dead un-deads! How? By using this simple and cheap 'Zombie Repellent'! Trust them, it works.

You could always pair it up with this 'Courage' in a jar...

Talking about containers, here's something I wish I had during high school, instead of my Minnie Mouse pencil case (which is surprisingly still completely intact!)

Last but not least, here's another interesting container. This time it's up to you what you'll use it for... Which brings us to next time's theme, so say tuned! And always remember: 'This could be booze'.

The anatomy of a villain

A few weeks ago I wrote about Disney princesses, which brings me to today's question: 

Which kind of villain would you be? 

The choice shouldn't simply be based on the charm and charisma of the character, that would be too easy! There are in fact a couple of personality traits that define every villain and might apply to your most evil desires.

  • Is the character acting to achieve something? Or to preserve the status quo?

For example: Jafar vs Grimhilde (the Evil Queen in Snow White).
Some people tend to pay more attention to the changes around them and they actively seek news and adventure. Every excuse is good to enter any new place you might see in town. Other people feel comfortable and reassured in things remaining the same, such as following a certain routine in their daily life or always taking the same road to work.

  • Is the character taking something away from others? Or is he/she accumulating for him/herself?

For example: Ursula vs Cruella DeVil
I've long tried to find a link between this aspect and the physical appearance of the villains. Unfortunately I'm afraid there isn't any. Nonetheless this point is pretty easy to understand but very hard to see applied in real life as usually the two things go together.

  • Is the character motivated from someone else? Or is he/she the only one in charge?

For example: Dr Facilier vs Lady Tremain (the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella)
When it comes to motivation we can find two main groups of people: those who need to be reassured about their decisions and who highly value other people's opinion. Others, instead, do not need any kind of direction or suggestion from anyone else: their motto could be "it's my life". 

  • Does the character have a masterplan? Or is he/she focusing on a single action?

For example: Hades vs the Queen of Hearts
This has to do with how people analyse information. Some are able to step back and look at the big picture, maybe focusing on the general meaning of something before diving in. Others need very specific pieces of information in order to understand how to act in a situation, and when they do they are very precise and punctual.

  • Is the character seeking revenge for an untold past event? Or is the heroine to blame?

For example: Captain Hook vs Gaston
To put it bluntly: do you hold grudge? If the answer is yes, your life motto could be "revenge is a dish best served cold". If the answer is no, we trust you on "they had it coming".

  • Does the character take care him/herself of everything? Or has designated helpers?

For example: Mother Gothel vs Maleficent
This is one of my pet peeves when it comes to villains. Why would the most powerful witch stay in a castle for 16years when some uncultured swines (literally) are failing at fulfilling her task. 

What do you say? Do you recognise any of your wicked ways

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A lot of sky

For this post I wanted to take you out of the Supermarket (but click here if you want to check that out later) and into the city. This one is a real city. With skyscrapers and yellow taxis, with unexpected places worth stopping for a picture. But most importantly with something I would like to call "a lot of sky" as the lack of mountains surrounding me never ceases to amaze me.

Our very touristy day begun right in front of the library. Greek columns and interactive modern art inspired games (and free wifi) ? Say YES to knowledge.

This kind of pictures seems to be a constant in my travel-related posts. This reminded me of Berlin.

For one very European view there's one from the States just around the corner.

 Not to forget about China Town! 

This is a very typical table setting in many of the narrow streets full of more or less authentic/ethnic restaurants. Pretty fun huh? Luckily winter isn't that cold here so it's possible to eat out even at night. 

Isn't this the best concept ever? I'd love to have a place like this back at home. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have random people from any background read your favourite books and add notes and thoughts. A sort of real-life forum!

As it got darker I noticed the lack of pidgeons. If you have ever been to Italy you would know all the main squares and parks have a plethora of those birds. But not here, where you can find seagulls chilling around.

...And a giraffe's head hung on a wall in a very fancy looking restaurant... Because why  not.

This concludes our day out in the city, I'll update you soon with the oddities I found in shops because, let's be honest, that's half the fun when you go sightseeing. Strange things, and a lot of sky!

PS: the city is Melbourne, the one in Australia.

Can, you handle this

Hello everyone! As promised this week I'll take you around supermarkets to show you the strange/politically incorrect things I found. You will be surprised by how many things come in tins/cans here!

But first, let me take a mozzarella. 

That's right, when you ask for mozzarella cheese this is what you get. They do have some legit kinds just on a less visible shelf. 
What is very well displayed are these yoghurt-looking packs full of tomato sauce. Tbh the sauce that comes in those huge glass jars always sits in the fridge for too many days. Problem solved!

Did I say tomato sauce in a jar to add to your pasta? Pfffh how naive of me. Pasta comes in a can with its condiment! Even the all time favourite "spaghetti and meatballs".

If you read my "Supermarkets in England" post, you know that the tuna issue is very dear to me. Well you will be pleased not to hear me complaining about that anymore, in fact check this out! 

I've never seen so much tuna. For only $1 per tin! But look closely...

Maybe not all that comes in a can is strange and scary. Maybe

My facebook friends might have seen my self-explanatory reaction video to Vegemite. In case you haven't let me try to describe my experience: it may seem like a healthy substitute for salted peanut butter, because it's not jam-y sweet at all. But you should never eat it with a spoon directly from the jar, and apparently it's better combined to honey or butter on a slice of bread. 

The taste: imagine mixing together broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and other green sour vegetables. I have seen people liking it, and it might even have a use in cooking. But for now, for me, it's a no-no. 

When in Rome, eat PIZZA! in Australia. Flavours: sweet pineapple and salami cotto, or smokey BBQ sauce and diced bacon loaf. Hungry yet?

To end this on a sweet note, have some Camel Balls! Liquid filled and extra sour, of course. How else?

Seriously though, candy floss in a bucket. Anytime you want it, not just when the Fun Fair comes to your town once a year. A dream come true.

Is Winter coming?

It shouldn't be a spoiler anymore if I say that "Winter is coming"... This time I'm not talking about the Wall and its Walkers *if you haven't seen Game of Thrones, you should!* being July the coldest month of the year it is just obvious that in some ares you can find some very confusing Christmas Wonderland type of festivals.

I found myself looking at the street lights and wondering when will they put up the festive lights, in June. Or planning the next Christmas cake while craving hot chocolate, in June. When I see the sun outside I feel like wearing a t-shirt and then I realise that maybe I should cover up. In June.

Talking about clothes!
Girls here dress up for Winter in a rather peculiar way: granny shawls *literally called 'blankets' *, either boots or sandals, either shorts or leggings. Doesn't make sense? Let me show you an example that I found perfectly clear:

In general, Aussie girls are very similar to British ones, same colours and features, but very different attire. These ones look like they're half ready to go out but didn't care about the finishing touches. Hair done but no lipstick, or full makeup but just a pony-tail. Just like their clothes: half winter, half summer!
It's not that cold, as many of you know, but it's cold enough to wear an extra layer of clothes, especially at night. Especially in June.

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Another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own

Women are undeniably beautiful. Nobody can argue with this. 
We come in so many different sizes, colours, and shapes, and express our beauty in multiple ways according to our style and taste. This to say that no two women are ever beautiful in the same way. (This came up in a post related to yoga pants. Who said talking about clothes is shallow?)

As Sprinkleofglitter once said: 
Everybody compares themselves to others, it's very hard not to, but when it becomes a habit we should remind ourselves that we are, in fact, different. Rather than looking at someone on Instagram and think "I wish I could be that fit, with such blue eyes, much beachy waves, very big lips" I say: Yes, they are all of those things, but I am a whole set of other things! I'm Mediterranean, not afraid of rocking a high ponytail, and I barely have to fill-in my eyebrows haha.
The point being: it's perfectly OK to be your own set of things. Value what you are, don't wish you could be what somebody else is.