How sales tactics have reached a whole new level

Every person has the power to succeed in doing many things, some may be more difficult to achieve, others, instead, come as easy as to breathe. Or in my case, as easy as falling for possible sales tactics. How to forget my inability to resist anything in a supermarket that says 2 for $3; though the story I'm about to tell you revolves around more meaningful things, items that defines who we deeply and truly are. In a word: clothes. 

Will this matter in two years?

I was probably watching some talk show with a celebrity guest, or reading an interview, I can't really remember, but what I do remember is this quote: "So I ask myself, will this matter in five years?". I spent the last month trying to go back to that interview without success, and today I had the genius idea to look it up online. I must say, I keep underestimating the power of search engines, because not only I found the quote, but it's actually a 'motivational quote', despite who said it.

Adulting Myth Busters -Episode 3

This month I would like to address the big F, family. Not the family that raised you but the one society expects you to start as part of your 'having your shit together'. Maybe it's not a family in the most traditional way, maybe it's just a rooted comfortable relationship with a special someone whom you share life plans with. Life plans and a house, of course, but that's for another episode. As usual, click here if you'd like to check out the previous episodes of Adulting Mythbusters, otherwise keep on reading! 

Good reasons to embrace this 'Netflix and chill' new trend

I've recently came across several articles about us being a 'netflix and chill' generation, with no apparent interest in going out anymore. I don't necessarily think it's true, but I can see why this trend seems to be a breaking point from the usual youngsters troublemakers behaviour.

What happens after one full year abroad

Certain cities around the World attract you for no apparent reason, even more so if your mantra is 'Wanderlust'. Other times, instead, you feel like you don't really belong to a place despite have been living there for a while. Things get worse when you don't feel 'at home' even in your home Country.

The ultimate all-in-one miracle glow perfector

When offered the ultimate all-in-one make-up product there are two things we should consider. First, how many products would achieve the same result combined; the second would be the pleasure of buying multiple items and see them lined up on our "battle-station". Nonetheless I know it's hard to resist anything with 'miracle glow' written in rose gold on a sleek packaging.